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Check your grant

Cross reference against other similar schemes to make sure
you’ve got the right grant choice for your clients.


Check if there are grants with more funding available for your business


Quickly find the best fitting grant from over 3,000 UK business grants


Know that you have found the best grant available to your business right now

How does it work?

Find your current grant

Find your current grant choice in our database of over 3,000 UK business grants.

Get matching grants

Select grants that best meet your client’s needs from grants with matching criteria.

Full range of grant services

Each grant comes with a full range of grant services to help your client achieve grant success.

Check your Grant

Quickly learn more about the Check your Grant tool

The Check your Grant App enables you to compare your choice of grant to other similar grants to make sure you’ve got the right grant for your business, saving you time on finding and comparing grants.

The Check your Grant App is free to use.

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