Frequently Asked Questions

Business Grants

Business grants are non-repayable sums of money, usually from public funds, that are designed to achieve strategic economic objectives set by the government and regional bodies – whether that’s stimulating regional growth or developing certain industries through funding innovation.

The majority of grants are free and do not need to be paid back like a loan. However, some grant providers include the right to claw back grants that have already been paid if their grant rules are broken.

Business grants are mainly targeted at businesses who earn most of their revenue trading with other businesses, although there are some grants specifically for businesses that trade business to consumer such as retailers.

Yes, grants are subject to tax as they are treated as business revenue. Whether or not tax is actually paid will depend on actual business profits.

Check that your project objectives align with a grant providers, for example, the project will increase full time employment in your business or it increases the capacity of your business to take on new orders. Make sure you’ve looked at other ways to fund your project as applying for a grant is meant to be a last resort. And most importantly, make sure your project has not started yet before your application is approved in writing.

Read our best practice guide on how to apply for a grant.

Right now, there are thousands of government grants available for small businesses across the UK. You can easily find grants that are right for your business by ordering your very own Custom Grants Report.

Custom Grant Report

Based on your selections of Region, Sector and Business Type and Funding Purpose, the Custom Grant Report matches against over 3,000 UK Business Grants and Funding Schemes to product a real-time PDF report made just for you.

As well as your Custom Grant Report we’ll also keep you up to date, for 12 months, with new funding opportunities based on your matches. Every week you’ll receive your Weekly Funding Purpose Tracker email listing new funding opportunities added that week so you’ll never miss out.

Your Custom Grant Report with 12 months of new funding opportunities costs £100 per report. You can purchase as many custom reports as you like.

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Grants Alert Email

We constantly add new Grants for your business into our database. Whenever a new Grant that matches your funding needs is added to our database, or whenever a Grant that matches your funding needs is about to close, we’ll email you to make sure you don’t miss out.

For a one off cost of £50 you’ll get 1 years worth of Grant Updates sent to your inbox whenever a Grant that matches your funding needs is added to our database or is about to close.

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Grants on your own website

The service is designed for business professionals who are looking for ways to easily to add value to their existing clients and attract new prospects using grants to generate more fee opportunities.

It’s as simple as setting up and plugging it into your website so your clients and prospects can easily find relevant grants and funding schemes themselves and request added value grant services directly from you.

Yes, the plugin is designed to work seamlessly on any website.

Installation is quick and simple and only requires a few lines of code to install the plug-in onto your website. Full details and step by step instructions are available during the setup process.

If you have any questions about the Grants Plug-in please get in touch using this form.

Your subscription starts immediately after your order is complete. After ordering, simply follow the instructions to configure your Grants Plug-in and to add it to your website.

Yes, new features and improvements are included in your subscription. New grants and funding schemes are constantly added to the database and are also included in your subscription.

The Grants Plug-in is ready to use on your website immediately after you finish the configuration process and add it to your website. If you have chosen to add custom grant services they will appear within two working days.

If you have any further questions about your subscription or support requests please use the contact form.

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Grants API

The Grants API allows you to directly access our unique database of over 3,000 funding schemes to enable you to build your own Grant Solutions.

Grants Overview
The grants overview contains information on how we structure a grant, and details the fields available.

Grants API Reference
Our GraphQL API technical documentation

5 Minute Matcher
This is a minimal HTML/CSS/JS application that creates a basic grants matcher in a few minutes using the Grants API.

The API uses a GraphQL interface allowing you to get exactly the data you need, nothing more, nothing less. Once approved you’ll have access to our GraphQL endpoint.

The API provides access to full grant details and our full range of categories. For example, Sectors, Regions, Funding Purposes and Funding Types. This allow you to build full featured applications and return relevant results to your users.

GraphQL is self-documenting and provides introspection so you can see what queries are available and the requirements for each one.

We have 3 different Grants API products to choose from:

  • 20 x 25 – This allows 20 unique queries with each query returning up to a maximum of 25 grant results
  • 100 x 30 – This allows 100 unique queries with each query returning up to a maximum of 30 grant results
  • Unlimited – Unlimited queries with each result returning as many grant results as you like

You can easily switch between the different limits any time you choose.

A unique query (or request) is any unique combination of arguments passed to any of the API limited queries as documented in our Grants API Documentation. Should you request a query using a combination of arguments that you’ve already used in the last month then results will be returned as normal and there will be no impact on your API limit count.

Unused unique queries are NOT rolled over. You have a monthly window of time in which to use the number of unique queries allowed by your subscription. Once the next query window starts the total number of unique queries available resets and unused queries from the previous window are not carried over.

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Check your Grant

The Check your Grant App enables you to compare your choice of grant to other similar grants to make sure you’ve got the right grant for your business, saving you time on finding and comparing grants.

The Check your Grant App is free to use.

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