Grants Overview

The Get Business Grants database contains over 3,000 grants for business. A grant is a sum of money normally given by the government or other funding providers to achieve a specific economic objective or business development purpose. Grants help fund business growth and job creation projects that would otherwise not have started due to insufficient funding.

Structure of a grant

We organise the grants into 10 different funding purposes and each grant can be applied for across 1 or more of these funding purposes.

Structure of a grant

The 10 funding purposes are:

  • Buildings and Renovation
  • Business Growth
  • Business Innovation
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Overseas Market Development
  • Property Development
  • Purchasing Equipment
  • Recruit and Develop Staff
  • Starting a Business
  • Working Capital

Grant Fields

A Grant and its Funding Purposes are broken down into the below fields:

Grant Fields
idThe Get Business Grant unique grant identifier
urlLink to the provider of the grant
titleThe title of the grant
open_or_closedWhether the grant is currently open or closed for applications
currencyThe currency used for the available funding amounts
total_fund_sizeThe total amount of money available
provider_1The main provider of the money
funding_typesThe type of funding available. Can be one of:

Business Support
Equity Finance
Export Guarantee
Export and Import Finance Support
Funding for Project Costs
Interest Free Loan
Loan Support Funding
date_addedThe date it was added into our database
Funding Purpose Fields
idThe Get Business Grant unique funding purpose identifier
grant_idThe matching Get Business Grants unique grant identifier
funding_purposeThe funding purpose the money is available for:

Building Acquisition and Renovation
Business Growth
Energy Efficient Equipment
Experimental Development
Hiring Capital Equipment
Industrial Research
Job Creation
Overseas Markets Development
Project Feasibility and Evaluation
Property Development
Purchasing Capital Equipment
Research and Development
Resource Efficiency
Staff Development
Starting a Business
Training and Skills Development
Training Course
Working Capital
funding_purpose_definitionDescriptive definition of the funding purpose
purpose_region_is_ukDoes the grant cover the whole of the UK?
0 = Does not cover the whole of the UK
1 = Does cover the whole of the UK.
regionsThe list of regions this funding purpose applies to
sectorsThe list of sectors this funding purpose applies to
business_typesThe list of business types this funding purpose applies to