Grants on your own website

Grants on your own website

Add value to your own website by giving
your visitors access to over 3,000 grants via our
Grants Matcher Plug-in.


Give clients access to over 3,000 UK business grants directly from your own website


Produce new leads and opportunities to sell grant services


Use the Grants Matcher Configurator to enable seamless integration

How does it work?


Register and subscribe to the Grants Matcher Plug-in to get access to over 3,000 UK business grants.

Configure the Plug-in

Customise the Grants Matcher Plug-in so that it seamlessly integrates into your website.

Plug in to your website

Add the Grants Matcher Plug-in to your website and start using it straight away.

Generate grant leads

Generate more grant leads from your website using the Grants Matcher Plug-in. Enable clients and prospects to find their own grants then seamlessly present them with your services to increase their chances of successfully getting grant funding. To see a live Grants Matcher Plug-in click here to go to our Find a Grant page.

Grants Matcher Plug-in Screenshot
API Analytics

Built-in Analytics

With built-in analytics, gain valuable insights into the grant-seeking behaviors of your clients and prospects, allowing you to refine your strategies and enhance their grant-finding experience.

Quickly learn more about the Grants Matcher Plug-in

The service is designed for business professionals who are looking for ways to easily to add value to their existing clients and attract new prospects using grants to generate more fee opportunities.

It’s as simple as setting up and plugging it into your website so your clients and prospects can easily find relevant grants and funding schemes themselves and request added value grant services directly from you.

Yes, the plugin is designed to work seamlessly on any website.

Installation is quick and simple and only requires a few lines of code to install the plug-in onto your website. Full details and step by step instructions are available during the setup process.

If you have any questions about the Grants Plug-in please get in touch using this form.

Your subscription starts immediately after your order is complete. After ordering, simply follow the instructions to configure your Grants Plug-in and to add it to your website.

Yes, new features and improvements are included in your subscription. New grants and funding schemes are constantly added to the database and are also included in your subscription.

The Grants Plug-in is ready to use on your website immediately after you finish the configuration process and add it to your website. If you have chosen to add custom grant services they will appear within two working days.

If you have any further questions about your subscription or support requests please use the contact form.

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