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Get grants for your small business

Quickly find the right government grants to grow your business


Find grants for your business from a database of over 3,000 UK grants


Select the grant purposes aligned with your specific needs


Access a range of grant services to support your grant funded project

How do you get grants for your small business?

Filter Grants

Use the business profile filters – region, sector, company type and funding purposes – to get results in real time that match your grant funding needs.

Choose Grants

Get a profile of each grant showing the key information you need to help you quickly compare and choose the right grant for your funding needs.

Get Support

Each grant profile comes with a full range of Grant Services to help you achieve Grant Success, from Application Help through to Tax Reliefs.

Do you want us to find a grant for you?

Get a customised grant report tailored to your specific needs using our Grant Finding Service for just £100 + VAT. The report will include up to 20 grant schemes that you can apply for.

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