UK Business Grants and Funding: Upcoming Deadlines

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Need help funding your UK business? Numerous grants exist to support various aspects, from renovations, growth to innovation and purchasing equipment.  The key is meeting application deadlines from a broad selection that take place every month.  This blog highlights examples of upcoming deadlines categorised by focus, along with details about each scheme for mid April 2024.

1) Buildings and Renovation

Buildings and renovation funding covers commercial and domestic building expansion projects, building refurbishment, new builds and shop front improvements. Here’s some examples of upcoming deadlines for April.

i) Historic Environment Grants – Standard Grants by Glasgow City Heritage Trust: Businesses looking to restore their historic property in Glasgow to their former glory with these grants. Funding is available for repairs, conservation work, and traditional skills upgrades. Maximum funding is £24,999. The next application deadline is 17 April 2024.

ii) Vibrant Wiltshire Vacant Unit Grants by Wiltshire County Council): Businesses looking to revitalise a vacant unit and breathe new life into Wiltshire high streets can apply for grants to help with refurbishment costs. Maximum funding available is £10,000. The deadline to apply is 15th April 2024.

2) Business Growth

Business growth funding covers the cost of business development activities such as launching new products or services, marketing costs and growth planning. Here’s some examples of upcoming deadlines for April.

i) The Hitmaker Fund by PRS Foundation: This scheme provides grants to support UK music talent development, from songwriting and production to marketing and promotion. Maximum funding available is £10,000. The next application closes on 15th April 2024.  

ii) Farming in Protected Landscapes Grants by North Wessex Downs National Landscape: These grants can provide financial support for projects that enhance the environmental value of farms, while also promoting more productive and resilient agricultural systems. The application window is open until 11th April 2024. 

3) Business Innovation

Business innovation funding covers research and development project activities across various science, industry and creative sectors, here’s some examples of upcoming deadlines for April.

i) Mobile Evidential Drug Testing Instrument Demonstrator by Defence and Security Accelerator: This scheme is seeking proposals for the development of a new mobile drug testing instrument. It provides a unique opportunity to develop innovative technology with potential applications in law enforcement, security, and other sectors.Maximum funding available is £350,000. Application deadline is 16th April 2024.

ii) Emerging Technologies Competition 2024 by Royal Society of Chemistry: A funding competition that offers grants to support the development of novel technologies with significant commercial potential. Areas of interest include new materials, sustainable technologies, and healthcare innovations. Maximum funding available is £25,000. Application deadline is 15th April 2024.

4) Purchasing Equipment

Purchasing equipment funding covers the capital costs of acquiring machinery, tools or other items to run a business, such as purchasing long term assets, ICT equipment and upgrading older obsolete machinery with newer equipment. Here’s some examples of upcoming deadlines for April.

i) Small Grants – Efficiency by Wales Government: Welsh businesses looking to reduce energy bills and become more environmentally friendly can apply for funding to invest in energy-saving equipment, lowering operating costs and improving environmental footprint. Maximum funding available is £12,500. Application deadline is 16th April 2024.

ii) South Kesteven Rural Fund – Small Scale Investment in Micro and Small Enterprises in Rural Areas by South Kesteven District Council: This grant scheme supports the growth of rural micro and small businesses. Grants are available for a variety of purposes, including the purchase of new equipment that can help improve your productivity and efficiency. The deadline to apply is 15th April 2024.