Applying for the Latest UK Business Grants and Funding: Boost Your Business in 2024

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This week, the spotlight shines bright on various government grants and funding opportunities across the UK. If you need assistance with working capital, innovation, buildings and renovation, or recruiting and developing your staff, there’s a grant waiting to be explored.

1. Working Capital

There are 298 working capital schemes available
Working capital funding covers day to day funding needs of a business to keep it running as a going concern, including purchasing sufficient inventory, bridging delayed payments and covering unexpected expenses. Here’s an example of what’s new this week.

  • Tourism Events Support Fund by Bridgend County Council: This fund aims to help tourism and hospitality businesses in Bridgend County organise events that attract visitors and boost the local economy. Max funding is £10,000.
  • Rural England Prosperity Fund 2024/25 by Horsham District Council: This fund supports rural businesses in Horsham District by providing grants for projects that contribute to economic growth and job creation. Maximum funding available is £75,000.

2. Business Innovation

There are 880 business innovation schemes available
Business innovation funding covers research and development project activities across various science, industry and creative sectors, here’s some examples of what’s new this week.

  • Mobile Evidential Drug Testing Instrument Demonstrator by Defence and Security Accelerator: This scheme seeks innovative solutions for developing a portable drug testing device for defence and security applications that can enable the effective enforcement of drug driving offending. Funding of up to £350,000 is available. 
  • UK-South Korea CR&D 2024 by Innovate UK: This program supports collaborative research and development projects between UK and South Korean businesses in various sectors like healthcare, manufacturing, and artificial intelligence. Maximum funding is £900,000.
  • UK Space Agency-Axiom Space Astronaut Mission Projects by UK Space Agency: This scheme incentivises UK aerospace and related advanced technology businesses to participate in Axiom Space’s private astronaut missions to the International Space Station, promoting space exploration and research opportunities. Funding of up to £3m is available per project.

3. Buildings and Renovation

There are 721 buildings and renovation schemes available
Buildings and renovation funding covers commercial and domestic building expansion projects, building refurbishment, new builds and shop front improvements. Here’s some examples of what’s new this week.

  • Wychavon Business Front Improvement Grant by Wychavon District Council: This grant assists businesses in Wychavon District with improving the appearance of their shopfronts, contributing to a more vibrant and attractive high street. Funding of up to £10,000 is available. 

4. Recruit and Develop Staff

There are 737 recruit and develop staff schemes available
Recruit and develop staff funding covers safeguarding existing jobs, creating new jobs and setting up training and skill development activities. Here’s an example of what’s new this week.

  • Flexible Internships by Ulster University: This program offers financial support to businesses in Northern Ireland that create flexible internship opportunities for students, fostering talent development and future recruitment pipelines. A bursary that goes towards a weekly wage for up to 24 weeks is available.
  • Train4Tomorrow Skills Bootcamps by Devon County Council: This initiative helps Devon businesses access funding to offer skills bootcamps for their employees, upskilling the workforce and meeting industry demands. A funding subsidy of up to 90% is available for small businesses towards the training costs.

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