How grants can complement Full Expensing for plant and machinery to provide a complete solution for your expansion plans

The recent news in the Autumn Budget Statement regarding the full expensing of capital allowances on plant and machinery was easy to miss if you weren’t paying close attention.  It is a welcome piece of news and provides certainty for businesses looking to invest long term.  In a move intended to boost investment and growth, … Read more

Elevate your Funding Prospects: Latest Small Business UK Grants Available

This week, we’re covering the latest business grants to be showcased in the areas of energy efficiency, growth for SMEs and new Government grants under the UK Shared Prosperity and Rural Prosperity Funding pots. 1: Energy Efficiency Grants – Powering Your Business with Sustainable Savings Embrace energy efficiency and reduce your environmental impact with the … Read more

Funding for Growth: Seizing Grant Opportunities in a Flat Economy

With economic indicators highlighting a flat economy through 2023 and growth forecasts for 2024 looking gloomy, it would be understandable if business owners played it safe.  However, there are opportunities out there and ambitious entrepreneurs will still be looking to maximise their potential whilst competitors stand still.  Also, there is no shortage of new ideas, … Read more

Are you struggling to find new innovation grant prospects?

One of the primary hurdles for innovation grant consultants is finding suitable prospects for new innovation grants, a challenge frequently discussed in our client meetings. To tackle this issue, we are working on a solution to construct a business profile of successful Innovate UK grant winners based on the characteristics of past similar grant recipients. … Read more

New White Label Grants Marketing Reports for your Business

It’s very important for your business to keep innovating to beat the competition, especially in marketing your services in the highly competitive grants industry. When other firms make new product and service breakthroughs it’s equally important that you can take advantage of them. In our case, we’ve added new white labelling features to our custom … Read more