How to create an AI Roadmap for your Business

“I believe that artificial intelligence in sports will not replace human intelligence, but it will empower it, making athletes and teams smarter and more competitive.” Kobe Bryant  I’ve always been an athletics fan. The Coe and Ovett era was probably the pinnacle even though the doubt about Eastern European athletes was already circulating. Since then … Read more

Query your own data with AI – A non-technical overview

Retrieval-augmented generation

There are numerous technical articles available on querying data with AI, yet non-technical articles on this topic are scarce. Here, we’ll give a non-technical overview of Retrieval-augmented generation (RAG), a technique for enhancing the accuracy and reliability of AI models with facts fetched from external sources. 1. Preparing your data The first step in querying … Read more

5 Great AI Videos

Best AI Videos

In the vast landscape of AI content, navigating through the myriad of videos to find the most insightful and informative can be a daunting task. However, we’ve curated a selection of 5 AI videos that stand out for their depth, breadth, and relevance to today’s AI landscape. These videos cover a range of topics from … Read more

How to get Better Business Benefits from AI Models

“The hardest part of getting started is always taking the first step” Chatbots are what the Magnificent 7 have been building to transform AI. You’ll probably recognize most of their Pet Projects by now: Phind, Co-Pilot, ChatGPT, Google Gemini (previously Bard), Meta Llama 2, Claude, 1. What is a Chatbot?Let’s take something we are … Read more