Generate more leads with Grant Lead Cards

Grant Lead Cards

This week we’re working on our new Grant Lead Cards. They are great for generating leads because they offer a targeted and personalized way to showcase grants relevant to you and your clients. They are fully customizable to align with your brand, easy to place anywhere, from emails to websites and social media, ensuring they … Read more

White Label Grant Reports

White Label Grant Report

Our White Label Grant Reports enable you and your clients to easily create branded grant reports and save yourself the product development time and effort to quickly roll our white label solutions. In addition to being able to generate a White Label Grant Report customised to your company branding, you can now also apply that … Read more

Don’t Miss Out with Grant Updates

Grant Updates

Our new Grant Updates product has now moved into testing. Grant Updates will allow you to receive all the latest grants, and those with an upcoming application deadline, fine-tuned for your specific requirements. For example, you can receive a weekly email containing all the latest West Midlands Recruitment grants, or a monthly email containing all … Read more

Grants Uncovered!


This week our new free newsletter “Grants Uncovered” went live. “Grants Uncovered” is a free weekly newsletter that offers valuable insights into the world of business grants. It simplifies the daunting process of finding and applying for grants by providing up-to-date information, tips, and trends directly to your inbox. With no subscription fees, businesses have … Read more

Don’t miss out with “Grants Uncovered”


This week we’ve been working on our “Grants Uncovered” newsletter which uncovers the latest insights, tips, and trends in the world of business grants. Once this goes live next week, you’ll be able to sign up to receive the weekly insights to make sure you’re not missing out. On the AI side we’re continuing to … Read more

Grants API fine tuning and more AI improvements


We’re refining our Grants API to provide even more pertinent grant results, tailored to your preferences. Following user feedback, we’ve introduced a couple of new features, including a new function, allSectorSICCodes, which delivers a comprehensive list of SIC (Standard Industrial Classification) codes and their corresponding industry sectors. This feature empowers users to discover relevant grants based … Read more

Grants API updated!


This week, we made further improvements to our Grants API by adding a new field called funding_purposes which allows you to query the grants database using multiple funding purposes enabling you to provide more customised grant results to your users. This new feature was based on customer feedback and we were able to implement, test … Read more

Development Update – 11th January 2024


This week we’re working on the 2023 Annual Grant Trends which will highlight the 2023 trends in available grants covering such areas as the most popular sectors for grants, the most popular regions and the which funding purposes there were most grants for. This not only helps us see the past trends but also enables … Read more