The Art of AI: How You Can Create Stunning Images with Just a Click

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In recent years, the world of artificial intelligence has made remarkable strides in the realm of image generation, offering a plethora of online tools that enable users to create stunning and intricate images using machine learning algorithms. In this article we’ll look at just a few of those tools and see some of the results they produced. All images were generated using the same basic prompt: “A photo realistic image of a cat sat on the moon, looking back at the earth“. The images shown are all the first results generated without any further prompt tweaking.

Bing Image Creator

Bing Image Create - A photo realistic image of a cat sat on the moon, looking back at the earth.

Bing Image Creator ( ) is powered by DALL·E 3 and allows you to create images with no waiting list or upfront cost.



DreamStudio by ( ) is “a new suite of generative media tools engineered to grant everyone the power of limitless imagination and the effortless ease of visual expression through a combination of natural language processing and revolutionary input controls for accelerated creativity,” according to DreamStudio’s website. ( ) is a platform that allows you to try lots of different models including a selection of image generation models such as Stable Diffusion, Realistic Vision, Runway ML, OpenJourney and Analog Diffusion. Signing up gets you $25 worth of credits for free to help you get started.



FastSDXL ( ) is probably the most amazing of them all due to its lightning fast speed. It produces images in real-time almost faster than you can type the text!


AI image generation tools are powerful, yet they are tools. To effectively utilize these tools, the key lies in crafting a precise and effective prompt. The examples above used a simple basic prompt without too much detail, but a well-crafted prompt that clearly and concisely describes the desired image can significantly enhance the output, making the tool more than just a mere application—it becomes a collaborative partner in creativity and innovation.