What Are Some Of The Upcoming UK Business Grant And Funding Deadlines?

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Are you concerned about missing key deadlines for grants that can provide your business with funding for key business projects? This blog has details of deadlines that are coming up in a month’s time, providing you with sufficient time to plan ahead with a potential game changing application for a series of UK grants. This week we are covering funding for purposes such as buildings and renovation, business growth, business innovation and starting a business. Here are some examples of deadlines coming up on the horizon at the beginning of April 2024.

1. Buildings and Renovation

Buildings and renovation funding covers commercial and domestic building expansion projects, building refurbishment, new builds and shop front improvements. Here’s some examples of upcoming deadlines for April.

  • Rural England Prosperity Fund – Large Grants (Business Support) by Colchester Borough Council: This scheme supports rural businesses in Colchester with capital costs for property improvements, renovations, and expansions. Max funding is £150,000. The deadline to apply is 8th April 2024.
  • Farming in Protected Landscapes Grants (Small Grants) by Dartmoor National Park: This grant offers funding for Dartmoor National Park-based farmers looking to improve their farm infrastructure and support the park’s landscape and wildlife. Max funding is £5,000. Applications close on 9th April 2024.

2. Business Growth

Business growth funding covers the cost of business development activities such as launching new products or services, marketing costs and growth planning. Here’s some examples of upcoming deadlines for April.

  • Investment in Business Grants by Fenland District Council: This scheme helps businesses in the Fenland district with capital costs associated with growth projects like equipment, machinery, and marketing initiatives. Max funding is £25,000. The deadline to submit applications is 6th April 2024.
  • Open Fund for Music Creators by PRS Foundation: This grant programme supports UK music creators and businesses in various areas, including recording, touring, and marketing. Max funding is £5,000. Applications close on 8th April 2024.

3. Business Innovation

Business innovation funding covers research and development project activities across various science, industry and creative sectors, here’s some examples of upcoming deadlines for April.

  • Canada-UK Critical Minerals: Sustainability and Circularity by Innovate UK: This collaborative program supports UK businesses developing innovative solutions for the sustainable extraction, processing, and recycling of critical minerals. Max funding is £400,000. The deadline for applications is 3rd April 2024.
  • SBRI: Accessible Solutions for Disrupted Journeys by Innovate UK: This grant supports the development of innovative solutions that improve accessibility for passengers with disabilities during travel disruptions. Max funding is £250,000. Applications close on 3rd April 2024.
  • Knowledge Transfer Partnerships 2024/25 – Round 1 by Innovate UK: This programme connects businesses with universities and research institutions to collaborate on innovative projects. A range of financial support is available as part of the package. The deadline for applications for the first round is 10th April 2024.

4. Starting a Business

Starting a business funding covers essential seed money for getting a new business venture off the ground, such as working capital, purchasing key equipment, marketing costs and creating a viable business plan. Here’s some examples of upcoming deadlines for April.

  • Fenland Start-Up Business Support Programme by Fenland District Council: This programme offers support and potential grant funding to new businesses located in the Fenland district. Max funding is £10,000. The deadline is 6th April 2024.
  • Test Market Grants by Hull City Council: This grant programme supports new businesses in Hull by providing funding to test their products or services in the local market. Max funding is £500. Applications close on 5th April 2024.

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