UK Business Grants and Funding Opportunities: Support for Your Business Needs

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This week brings several business grant and funding opportunities across the UK, catering to various business needs. Whether you’re seeking to recruit and develop staff, carry out business growth, do business innovation activities or purchase equipment, there should be a scheme available to support your endeavours.

1. Recruit and Develop Staff

There are 731 recruit and develop staff schemes available
Recruit and develop staff funding covers safeguarding existing jobs, creating new jobs and setting up training and skill development activities. Here’s an example of what’s new this week.

  • Subsidised Employment Fund by City of Westminster Council: This program assists businesses in creating employment opportunities for individuals facing barriers, such as various disabilities, offering financial support for salary costs. Funding available includes covering half of a London Living Wage Costs and half National Insurance costs for up to 12 months.
  • Chorley Apprenticeship Grant by Chorley Council: This grant helps businesses in Chorley hire new apprentices by contributing towards training and equipment costs. Maximum funding available is £1,500 per apprentice.

2. Business Growth

There are 325 business growth schemes available
Business growth funding covers the cost of business development activities such as launching new products or services, marketing costs and growth planning. Here’s some examples of what’s new this week.

  • Redditch Town Centre Grant by Redditch Borough Council: This program provides funding for property improvements, marketing initiatives, and equipment purchases for businesses in Redditch town centre, aiming to revitalise the local economy. Maximum funding available is £5,000.
  • Enterprise Development Grant by Ashfield District Council: This grant offers financial support for business expansion and job creation in the Ashfield district. Maximum funding available is £6,000.

3. Business Innovation

There are 871 business innovation schemes available
Business innovation funding covers research and development project activities across various science, industry and creative sectors, here’s some examples of what’s new this week.

  • ARTES Programme General Call by the UK Space Agency This programme seeks proposals for innovative projects in satellite communication development, with funding available for eligible UK businesses who want to participate in the ARTES Programme by the European Space Agency. A minimum of £2 million is available per projects from a £10 million funding pot.
  • Business Interaction Vouchers by Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council: These vouchers enable businesses to collaborate with UK scientists on research and development projects, fostering innovation in the bioscience sector. There is funding worth up to £20,000 per application.

4. Purchasing Equipment

There are 693 purchasing equipment schemes available
Purchasing equipment funding covers the capital costs of acquiring machinery, tools or other items to run a business, such as purchasing long term assets, ICT equipment and upgrading older obsolete machinery with newer equipment. Here’s some examples of what’s new this week.

  • New Business Support Grant by East Lothian Council: This programme provides financial assistance to new businesses in East Lothian for purchasing essential equipment and machinery. Funding of up to £500 is available. 
  • Improving Farm Productivity Grant by Rural Payments Agency: This programme supports agricultural businesses across the UK in investing in new equipment and technology to enhance farm productivity and sustainability. Maximum funding is £500,000.

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