Become AI Business Aware and unlock your Business Advantage 

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“In my whole life, I have known no wise people (over a broad subject matter area) who didn’t read all the time—none. Zero.” 
– Charlie Munger 

You’re probably already in an AI Adopter Pool without even realising it! And the only way you are going to get into the right Pool is by becoming AI Business Aware. 

There are 6 main types of AI Adopter Pools creating Mega Beneficiaries and Big Losers: 

Pool 10.1% The Drivers, AI Leaders 
Pool 220% The Early Adopters, existing AI Users 
Pool 320% The Converters, currently on the AI Side-lines 
Pool 420% The Late Adopters, on the Business Precipice  
Pool 520% The Never Adopters, at Business Risk
Pool 620%The Unawares, AI may pass them by
In the ten years to 2021 the number of AI Publications worldwide more than doubled to 500,000. Today, with another doubling, it’s likely to be around 1bn! 
So the problem isn’t finding a match for your areas of AI interest, it’s first knowing how to identify and leverage the business fundamentals that will get you going. 
In this first Blog on News Sources we’re going to focus on the 6 main business blocks so you can immediately get to grips with AI’s ever evolving opportunities (and get into the right AI Adopter Pool). 


  1. Prompt Engineering: Skills 
    So you can learn both the basics and keep up to date with the cutting edge on prompts to get the right questions and answers.  
    Prompt Entrepreneur
  2. Business Coverage:  Companies and Trends 
    So you can stay up to date with the ways that individual companies are using AI and the business implications.
    Phind prompt: What are the top newspapers writing about AI for business?
  3. Sector Coverage: Industries
    So you can find out about the latest developments taking place in your business sector and gain a competitive advantage. 
    Phind prompt: What are the main AI topics for business that are being published?
  4. Technical Coverage: Innovations
    So you can get to grips with the basics of technical innovation and then consider customisation or adding new solutions for your own business. 
    MIT Technology Review
    KD Nuggets
    Analytics Insight

  5. Making Money: Bottom Line 
    So you can see how others are taking advantage or AI opportunities at the coalface, for example, through Side Hustles.
    Forbes: 15 High-Paying Side Hustle Ideas To Make $100+ A Day In 2024
  6. Psychology: Impact
    So you can better understand the deeper impact of AI on your team, company or organisation.
    Psychology Today – AI Lifts the Yoke That Stifles Creativity
    Psychology Today – AI Intimacy: From Cold Calculators to Warm Mentors
  7. Alert Coverage: Your Choice 
    So you can set up tailor made News Alerts for any of your areas of AI and Business interest.
    A simple and free solution is using Google Alerts

As with most things in life if you don’t use it you lose it so we all need a simple way of staying aware. A practical approach to achieve this is the 3R’s: Read, Recall and Redistribute.  

  • Say you only read 1 article per day that’s around 30 per month; or nearly 100 in 3 months. Imagine how your knowledge, understanding and innovation will have changed in just 3 months! 
  • But don’t lose it. Hard won gains are easily lost: like muscles you may build through exercise they atrophy at an alarming rate. So avoid that trap by recording the articles you have read every day and add a cryptic note with a key insight. Review your list once  week so can shift the intel from your narrow short term memory into your broad long term memory. 
  • And always compound the personal benefit by sharing your efforts with other members of your team or channel or company. This way you can easily multiple the Learning and Profit Curve by at least a power of 10!