Business Innovation Funding Opportunities For UK Businesses

What Is Business Innovation Funding? Business innovation grants can help fund enterprises of all sizes who want to carry out research and development activities, such as feasibility studies or developing prototypes. As a general rule there are also a few loans available, particularly from industrial bodies and regional investment agencies to carry out sector specific … Read more

Horizon Programme: UK Businesses Can Access Core EU Funding

After a period of uncertainty post-Brexit, the UK has secured its association with the Horizon Europe programme, the European Union’s flagship research and innovation funding scheme. This means UK researchers and businesses are now eligible to apply for a share of the €95.5 billion (£82 billion) budget allocated across work programmes for 2021-2027 dedicated to … Read more

Are you struggling to find new innovation grant prospects?

One of the primary hurdles for innovation grant consultants is finding suitable prospects for new innovation grants, a challenge frequently discussed in our client meetings. To tackle this issue, we are working on a solution to construct a business profile of successful Innovate UK grant winners based on the characteristics of past similar grant recipients. … Read more