New White Label Grants Marketing Reports for your Business

It’s very important for your business to keep innovating to beat the competition, especially in marketing your services in the highly competitive grants industry. When other firms make new product and service breakthroughs it’s equally important that you can take advantage of them. In our case, we’ve added new white labelling features to our custom … Read more

Responding To A Changing R&D Tax Relief Landscape

The issue of fraudulent claims during the government backed Covid19 loans (BBILS and CBILs) has been an ongoing story in politics and the media. Also, the increased focus on taxation, as a result of the government’s recent mini-budget, has added to an overall climate of HMRC vigilance particularly in relation to businesses. This background is … Read more

How grants can help mitigate rising interest rates and tightening funding availability

Whilst interest rates are low by historical standards (some will remember 15% in October 1989 to curb inflation and 12% in October 1992 following the ERM crisis, trying to halt the fall in the value of the Pound) the current round of increases will present challenges for SMEs. Although the norm from 1994 to 2007 … Read more