New White Label Grants Marketing Reports for your Business

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It’s very important for your business to keep innovating to beat the competition, especially in marketing your services in the highly competitive grants industry. When other firms make new product and service breakthroughs it’s equally important that you can take advantage of them. In our case, we’ve added new white labelling features to our custom Grants Report. Discussions with clients revealed that they like to use the grant reports to take out to clients as part of review meetings but wanted them to align with their brand. So adding this feature means that partners who use grants with their clients can now apply their own branding, so it becomes an intrinsic part of their offering. Presentation is always important and of course this facility delivers on that front. Also, using White Label Grants Reports drastically reduces the time spent building your own reports and therefore reduces the cost. This is important for clients as it enables them to instantly produce branded grants marketing reports in bulk for their clients and prospects.

Whilst it’s fairly common with many digital applications to be able to offer white labelling, it is not a common or straightforward task to be able to offer it for White Label PDFs, so many thanks to our developers for achieving this – we are pleased to get this over the line!

So, if you’ve been waiting for something like this to come along, especially in the grants world, so if you’d like to create your own customised White Label Grants Reports click here to get started, or to for a call back please use our contact form.