Horizon Programme: UK Businesses Can Access Core EU Funding

After a period of uncertainty post-Brexit, the UK has secured its association with the Horizon Europe programme, the European Union’s flagship research and innovation funding scheme. This means UK researchers and businesses are now eligible to apply for a share of the €95.5 billion (£82 billion) budget allocated across work programmes for 2021-2027 dedicated to supporting cutting-edge research and innovation across all disciplines. 

As of the start of the Work Programme 2024: All calls are open to UK applicants through association.

UK Government Backed Application Drive

With these recent developments in mind, the UK Government has launched a brand new multichannel awareness campaign across social media, podcasts and digital displays to encourage British academics, researchers and businesses to take part in applying for the huge opportunities available for research and development funding from the Horizon Europe Programme. UK Government ministers want the UK to continue to lead the way in science and technological breakthroughs when compared with European and International peers. The average grant amount awarded to successful UK business applicants to the Horizon scheme is £450,000 and can help achieve major innovative breakthroughs.

What UK applicants are eligible?

All legal entities established in the UK are eligible to apply for Horizon Europe funding. This includes universities, research institutions, businesses, and non-profit organisations. Additionally, individual researchers based in the UK can participate within eligible consortia.

Horizon Europe offers a diverse range of funding opportunities covering various research purposes including:

  • Research excellence across key European industries
  • Enhancing European researcher mobility and career development 
  • Development of research infrastructure
  • Tackling global challenges
  • Boosting industrial competitiveness

Some of the sectors covered by the work programme include: 

  • Space, Aerospace and Satellite Systems
  • Environment, Circular Economy and Climate Technologies
  • Sustainable Development, Construction and the Built Environment
  • Biotechnology, Biodiversity and other Bio-based Solutions
  • Telecommunications, Cybersecurity and (AI) Artificial Intelligence
  • Public Security, Safety and Risk Assessment
  • Freight Transport, Public Mobility and Waterborne Transport
  • Chemicals, Industrial Processes and Fuels

What are the Benefits of applying for Horizon Funding?

Successful applicants can receive significant grants supporting their research projects, take part in major collaboration with other industry and academic research leaders across the European Union and Association Countries, and accelerating innovation by allowing quicker turnaround of feasibility studies, prototypes and other research and development activities, before pushing towards full commercialisation of innovative ideas.

How to Apply or Get UK Government Support in Applying:

The European Commission has a dedicated Funding and Tenders portal that provides information on specific funding opportunities, application procedures, eligibility requirements and deadlines of each scheme.

In addition to this, you can get in touch with the UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) government agency that provides dedicated resources and support for UK applicants on how to apply for Horizon Europe funding opportunities post-Brexit 

Find out more about Horizon Schemes:

To find out a full list of the current open and upcoming Horizon Europe Work Programme 2024 schemes available for UK businesses to apply for, visit https://getbusinessgrants.com/ for details.