The New AI Skills and How They Affect You

“AI is the Bloom at the end of the STEM”

In this video I’m sharing my 3 key takeaways from this blog: 1) AI adoption requires STEM skills, 2) New AI roles like Prompt Engineer are emerging, and 3) Businesses need to identify clear use cases for AI.

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. These will continue to be the Fundamental Skill Set which has been powering Tech Company development and now underpins AI.  

Every major change in business or personal outcomes has to be set free by the availability of the right set of skills – whether it was the Industrial Revolution in Britain or Pyramid Building in the Middle East or Nuclear Power.  AI will be no different, the initial winners depend on the availability of human skills.

What is the Employment Projection?
Projections from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, released in September, show an 11 per cent rise in so-called “Stem” employment, to 11.5 million, by 2032, while the number of non-Stem jobs will increase by just 2 per cent.

A Taste of the New Skills
So, specifically, what are these new skills? And why are they critical not just to AI but for you and your business as well?

Many outsiders fear that AI is the master and humans are going to become the new slaves. Prompt Engineers know it’s the other way round.

You know the old expression: GIGO (Garbage in and Garbage out) which applies to data; well it also applies to the questions that you ask Generative AI to solve. That’s where the Prompt Engineers come in.

Ask the Right Questions and the whole world of AI Solutions can open up for you and your business. Ask the Wrong Question then GIGO comes into play.

GIGO still applies to Data and Data Scientists will also be even more at a premium because AI is totally data sensitive and dependent. Of course, Data Scientists aren’t new but what they will be doing is new.

The LLM’s already know that biased data will produce biased results and that data control is necessary to control hallucinations. But that’s not the real point. The critical point is that individual businesses will want to transform their own data to get the fast results and unique insights –  and that will only be possible with clean data so that data hygienics will be more in demand.

The risk of cyber attacks will rapidly proliferate with AI and new cybersecurity skills will have to be learned to combat the threat.

They will have to learn how to support and develop the underlying infrastructure that supports AI models.

Because AI is a race, the skills of Project Managers will also be at a premium otherwise AI investment is going to fail and smaller businesses won’t be able to realise the growing potential.

While not strictly AI, understanding how to design user interfaces and experiences is crucial for AI products. They ensure that AI products are easy to use and understand.

Why do the new Skills really matter?
Let’s take the Prompt Engineer as an example:

  1. You may want to move into Prompt Engineering to improve your salary or status;
  2. You may need to hire a Prompt Engineer so you need to be aware of the benefits and skill attributes;
  3. You may want to transform your own business productivity using AI;
  4. You may want to start to generate new AI revenue for your business;
  5. If you’re thinking strategically you may want to partner up with an external Prompt Engineering Company.
  6. You don’t want to be left behind and see your competitors gain a competitive advantage (or industry newcomers).

Find Out More
You can learn more about the new skills needed using an AI chatbot.

For example, if you want to find out about the skills needed for an AI prompt engineer you just ask to get the answer: “What are all the new employment skills needed for AI such as a Prompt Engineer?”