Development Update – 21st December 2023

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Development Review of the Year 2023

We made massive strides this year with both in terms of the front-end site and the back-end functionality. Our Grants API is proving to be a key tools that’s used both by us internally to produce new products and externally to improve access to grants for businesses.

In addition to we’ve also continued to help companies with their data issues, for example, we’ve automated what was a large copy and paste task for a business saving them days of work per month and of course saving them money!

Looking Forward

We have a range of new features and products planned for 2024 and AI will play a big part of that. We’ll be building a new tool that will make finding relevant grants even easier by simply typing in what you’re looking for, for example, “Show me the available grants for constructions businesses in Manchester”. We’re also working with our current users to improve the existing tools making it even easier to find relevant funding.

We’re also expanding the data side and further helping businesses save time and money by automating their repetitive tasks using a range of programming tools and languages. Every company has inefficient repetitive tasks that can be automated to reduce time and costs, we’ve even identified and automated some of our own internal processes!