Development Update – 9th November 2023

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Fast Matcher

Firstly, we’ve been working on a new feature we call the ‘fast matcher’, a new tool designed to help businesses quickly identify grants that align with their specific needs. This tool provides real-time summary reports, offering a detailed breakdown of funding opportunities based on your business’s region and sector. By streamlining the grant application process, it will save you valuable time and effort. This feature will be available to you in the upcoming weeks, providing a more efficient and convenient way to discover and apply for grants.


In addition to the ‘fast matcher’, we’ve also been working on enhancing our site maps for business users and professionals. These updated site maps are designed to guide you more effectively through our platform, enabling you to locate the right tools or services with ease and speed. This enhancement aims to simplify your search for the resources you need, whether it’s grant information, business advice, or other services.

We’ve also been focusing on optimizing our internal processes to ensure we’re delivering the best service possible to you. This has involved automating tasks that were previously repetitive in nature. By automating these tasks, we’re able to increase our efficiency and productivity. This not only benefits us by allowing us to handle more tasks with less effort, but it also benefits you by providing a faster and more reliable service.