Your Passport to Growth – New UK Grants Available

This week’s UK funding showcase offers a wealth of opportunities for businesses of all sizes, including the latest Innovate UK schemes, grants for the environment, small business funding from around the UK and farming related finance. Here are a selection of the latest UK featured grants:

1) Innovate UK: Fuelling Cutting-Edge Solutions

Innovate UK adds in new funding schemes across highly innovative sectors for solo applications and collaborations every week. This week the following competitions were launched:

i) UK Regulatory Science and Innovation Networks – Discovery Phase by Innovate UK: Up to £50,000 per project for collaborative research and development projects addressing critical concerns like food safety, environmental monitoring, and regulatory compliance.

ii) Horizon Europe Guarantee EURATOM R&T Fission by Innovate UK: The UK government is guaranteeing funding for UK participants involved in collaborative research and development projects tackling the challenges of nuclear fusion technology as part of the EU EURATOM programme. Open to UK-based SMEs, research and technology organisations, and universities/research institutions partnering with the EU or associated countries.

2) Green Grants: Cultivating a Sustainable Future

A number of green development and natural environment funding schemes are available for application this week.

i) Natural Environment Investment Readiness Fund – Third Round by the Environment Agency: Up to £100,000 per project for England based environmental restoration projects such as wetland restoration, wildlife corridor creation, and pioneering sustainable farming practices. Eligible applicants include private landowners and businesses directly involved in nature-based projects.

ii) Green Recovery Capital Development Grant – New Round by Perth and Kinross Council: Up to £25,000 per project for local Scottish businesses implementing sustainable practices like renewable energy and eco-tourism initiatives. Open to businesses, social enterprises, and non-profit organisations based in the Perth and Kinross region.

3) Small Business Funding: Empowering Local Growth

It is important for smaller sized businesses to access local funding to help support growth and development activities. The following new funding rounds have been launched.

i) Small Business Boost – New Round by Kent County Council: Up to £99,000 per project for Kent based SMEs launching new ventures or expanding existing ones. Open to businesses based in Kent with fewer than 50 employees.

ii) SME Capital Grants – New Round by Coventry City Council: Up to £25,000 per project for Coventry-based SMEs investing in their future through activities like premises expansion and equipment upgrades. Open to Coventry-based SMEs with fewer than 250 employees and actively engaged in trading activities.

4) Farming Grants: Cultivating Innovation in Agriculture

The UK’s rural agricultural sector is a key one that always requires constant research and development activity and therefore funding, to ensure farming methods are efficient and environmentally friendly.

i) Farming Innovation Programme – Large R&D Partnership Projects – Round 3 by Defra: Up to £3.5m per project for collaborative research and development projects between farmers and researchers addressing major challenges in agriculture like climate-resilient crops and precision farming technologies. Open to research organisations, universities, and farmer-led groups collaborating with industry partners.

ii) Agri-Tech Call by Efficiency For Access: Funding varies depending on project but a total funding pot of £1.3m is available that prioritises accessible and low-cost agricultural technologies for developing countries. Open to individuals, companies, and research institutions with demonstrably innovative solutions tailored to developing country contexts.

Want the Full Set of New Grants?

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