Exploring Schemes: Get Details of the Latest UK Grants

This week brings welcome news for UK businesses seeking financial support, with a diverse range of grant opportunities emerging across various sectors and regions. From facilitating start-ups, promoting sustainability and aiding flood recovery, these grants offer valuable assistance for businesses at different stages of development. Here are some examples of the latest featured UK grants:

1) Springboarding into Business Start-up

Businesses and individuals often face hurdle to getting their start-up ideas off the ground and into viable commercial propositions, there are grants available to support this:

i) Midlothian Business Start Up Grant by Midlothian Council: Scottish businesses based in Midlothian can access grants of up to £2,000 to cover initial operational costs like equipment, marketing, and training. 

ii) Barriers to Start-up Grant for 25-Year-Olds and Over by the Welsh Government: Designed to address challenges faced by individuals over 25 seeking to start businesses in Wales, this grant provides up to £2,000 to alleviate obstacles like childcare, disability, or caring responsibilities and get their business ideas off the ground.

2) Embracing Green Initiatives

Due to the ever increasing climate pressures on the UK businesses must constantly seek measures to reduce carbon emissions by pushing towards net zero, improving energy efficiency and creating sustainable methods of carrying out traditional industrial processes. Many funding providers can provide financial support for this:

i) Net Zero Solutions Fund by University of Plymouth: Awards are available for grants of up to £7,500 to research and develop innovative solutions for businesses and communities aimed at tackling climate change, collaborating with research academics from the University.

ii) Heat Pump Grant by West of England Growth Hub: Businesses in the West of England region can receive up to 60% of the cost of installing air source heat pumps through this program, promoting energy efficiency and sustainability. Funding available is £30,000.

iii) Green Business Grant by Winchester City Council: The local council offers grants of up to £10,000 to support projects within its boundaries that advance sustainability goals, including energy efficiency upgrades and waste reduction initiatives. 

3) Boosting the Cheshire Economy

As part of the UK Shared Prosperity Fund, Cheshire East Council has decided to use its share of the core UK Government funding pot on a series of new schemes to support businesses in the local area across a broad range of areas.

i) Cheshire East Visitor Economy Grant by Cheshire East Council: Businesses in Cheshire East focused on attracting tourists and enhancing the local experience can access grants of up to £10,000.

ii) Sustainable and Inclusive Growth Programme Grant by Cheshire East Council: Cheshire East businesses implementing projects that create jobs, reduce carbon emissions, and promote social good are eligible for grants of up to £10,000. 

iii) Flexible Workspace Grant by Cheshire East Council: Businesses in Cheshire East looking to create or expand flexible workspaces can receive grants of up to £100,000 to facilitate this transition.

4) Weathering the Storm – Flood Recovery Support

Adverse weather such as storms, particularly during the winter months can disrupt business activities, especially if premises suffer from flooding or damage relating to storms. Local authorities can provide support for business recovery activities.

Business Recovery Grants – Storm Henk by the UK Government: Businesses affected by Storm Henk in eligible areas that suffered severe flooding can access crucial financial support from the UK Government to aid their recovery. Local councils that are managing funding applications in their area include Tewkesbury, Gloucester, Leicestershire and Wiltshire. Max funding available is £2,500.

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