Fresh Grants: Latest UK Funding Opportunities for January 2024

This week’s funding focus is on transportation sectors, regional business start-up activities, rural development schemes and the latest grants from Innovate UK. Here are some examples of the latest featured UK grants.

1) Transportation Sector Grants

Transport grants offer financial assistance for a variety of transportation-related projects and initiatives, including for the latest innovation in aerospace technology and providing upgrades to electric charging points for road transportation.

i) ATI Programme Strategic Batch by Aerospace Technology Institute: Collaborative R&D projects with the potential to secure up to £20 million are invited to submit Expressions of Interest for aerospace innovation activities. Focus areas include advanced propulsion, intelligent mobility, and zero-emission solutions.

ii) Rapid Charging Fund by the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles: Applications are currently open as part of a pilot scheme to support the installation of rapid charging infrastructure for electric vehicles, promoting the transition to sustainable transportation. Businesses involved in motorway service areas in England are currently invited to apply.

2) Business Start-up Grants

Startup grants represent a critical source of non-repayable funding for the growth and innovation of business ideas that have not yet been fully realised.

i) Business Start-Up Capital Grant by Invest in North Lincolnshire: Businesses in North Lincolnshire can obtain up to £500 to cover essential capital costs associated with launching their venture, such as equipment, marketing, and professional services.

ii) Young Person’s Start-up Grant by Working Wales: Residents of Wales aged 18-25 are eligible for up to £2,500 in start-up funding and mentorship support to launch their businesses through Working Wales.

3) Rural Development Schemes

Rural business grant funding acts as a vital financial catalyst, injecting resources into regional economies and fostering the growth and innovation of enterprises nestled within the countryside.

i) Revitalising Town Centre Rural Fund by Carmarthenshire County Council: Grants are available between £5,000 and £25,000 to support projects that revitalise rural town centres in Carmarthenshire, enhancing community facilities, promoting tourism, and boosting economic activity.

ii) West Kent Rural Grants 2024/25 by Sevenoaks District Council: Initiatives aimed at improving rural communities and businesses in West Kent can apply for grants up to £24,999. These grants support projects that enhance community facilities, the environment, and economic growth.

4) Innovate UK Schemes

Innovate UK grants act as major boosts for businesses, propelling promising ideas and groundbreaking technologies towards impactful commercialisation. Here are some of the latest schemes.

i) Innovation Loans Future Economy Competition (latest round): Innovate UK offers loans up to £2 million to businesses developing and commercialising innovative solutions that contribute to a sustainable future economy. The focus areas for this round are net-zero technologies, advanced materials, and digitalisation. 

ii) CLIMATES: Supply Chain Innovations for Rare Earths: Funding of up to £250,000 is available for projects that develop innovative supply chains for critical raw materials like rare earths. Innovate UK and the European Union are jointly supporting this initiative. 

iii) UK and South Korea Data Driven Urban Innovation Bi-Lateral: UK businesses can collaborate with South Korean partners on projects utilising data-driven solutions to address urban challenges. Grants up to £120,000 are available.

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