Get Your Latest Funding Updates: UK Business Grants

The UK government and local authorities offer a diverse array of grant programs to support business ventures across various sectors and regions. This week’s areas of focus include energy efficiency, business start-up, retail improvement and rural development. Here are some of the latest featured UK grants below:

1) Energy Efficiency Grants

In the UK, a landscape of business energy efficiency grants empowers organisations to reduce their carbon footprint and energy bills simultaneously or offers research and innovation opportunities into creating new measures for complex manufacturing processes that help industry approach net zero.

i) Industrial Energy Transformation Fund – Phase 3 (Spring 2024) by the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero: This program empowers energy-intensive businesses to carry out research and development and implementation of innovative carbon-reduction projects. Eligible projects include process optimisation, heat recovery systems, and renewable energy integration. Funding up to £14 million is available to joint bids from consortiums.

ii) Ashford Rural Energy Transition Grant by Ashford Borough Council: This initiative in the Ashford borough supports projects promoting renewable energy generation, reduced fossil fuel reliance, and sustainable development within the community. Projects involving solar panels, biomass boilers, and other renewable energy solutions are encouraged. Funding up to £15,000 is available.

2) Start-up Grants

Any entrepreneur or business that has a not yet established commercial idea can find support from local authorities in terms of getting seed money to get the idea off the ground.

i) Fenland Start-Up Business Support Programme by Fenland District Council: This program caters to aspiring entrepreneurs within the Fenland area providing grants, mentoring, and business support services. Diverse sectors, including technology, creative industries, retail, and hospitality, are eligible. Funding up to £10,000 is available.

3) Retail Improvement Grants

Many towns and cities across the UK have what is known as a collective organisation known as a Business Improvement District (BID) that more often than not has money available for retail and other service businesses within that area to help improve the appearance of their shops and premises or use other means to attract new customers to their business and the local area to boost the economy.

i) Improvement Grant Scheme by Bishop’s Stortford Business Improvement District: This scheme assists Bishop’s Stortford retailers in revitalising their storefronts and other ways of attracting new customers to their businesses. Renovation projects, signage upgrades, digital marketing initiatives, and training programs are all eligible for funding. Funding up to £500 is available 

ii) Watford BID Business Improvement and Development Grant Scheme 2023/24 by Watford Business Improvement District: This program empowers Watford retailers to enhance their premises, invest in technology, and host promotional events, ultimately bolstering the customer experience. Funding up to £5,000 is available.

4) Rural Grants

Rural areas always particularly get selected for additional subsidies and support, including grants and other funding, due to the fact that economic activity is often more difficult to establish and maintain than in areas of higher populations such as towns and cities.

i) Rural Transport Accelerator by the Connected Places Catapult: This national program seeks innovative and sustainable transportation solutions within rural communities. Projects involving electric delivery drones, community car-sharing schemes, and other creative solutions are welcome. Funding up to £150,000 is available.

ii) Rural England Prosperity Fund by the Forest of Dean Council: This scheme provides the latest round of funding available for projects in tourism, agriculture, manufacturing, and other sectors promoting local economic growth in the region. Funding up to £25,000 is available.

iii) Rural Business Grants by Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Growth and Skills Hub: This program supports rural businesses across Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly with projects relating to farm expansion, eco-tourism ventures and innovative product development projects all eligible for funding. Funding up to £200,000 is available.

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