Grant Goals: Turning Your UK Business Ideas into Reality with Funding

This week has seen a range of funding opportunities emerge across the UK, targeting various sectors and ambitions. This guide outlines key schemes from the Government via Innovate UK, some Net Zero grants, regional business growth grants and innovation funding. Here are some examples of the latest featured UK grants:

1) Innovate UK

Innovate UK offers a wide range of grants and funding opportunities to support UK businesses in innovation, from developing new technologies to improving operational efficiency across emerging technology fields. Here are some of their latest schemes:

i) Needle Free Medicines Delivery Technologies: Feasibility Studies: Up to £100,000 is available to explore innovative delivery methods for medicines beyond needles. This program encourages proposals for patches, inhalers, microfluidic technologies, and other novel approaches.

ii) SBRI Phase 3: Enhanced Clean Air Innovation Trials: Up to £100,000 for developing and testing cutting-edge clean air technologies. Examples include smog-mitigating drones, biofilter solutions, and other air pollution reduction innovations.

iii) UKBIC SME Credit Round 2 – Digital or Software: Up to £300,000 available to  support UK SMEs in the digital and software domains. Eligible projects include app development, AI-powered solutions, and other software advancements.

2) Net Zero Grants

Net Zero grants provide financial support to help businesses take steps toward balancing the amount of greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere with the amount removed, invest in renewable energy, reduce their carbon footprint and adopt sustainable practices.

i) West Midlands Net Zero Grants by Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council: Up to £100,000 can be applied for by Dudley SMEs to implement energy-saving measures, transition to renewable power sources, and have more green operations. Eligible activities include equipment upgrades, renewable energy installations, and energy efficiency audits.

ii) Tees Valley Net Zero Grants by Tees Valley Combined Authority: Up to £2,000 is available for Tees Valley businesses investing in renewable energy, low-carbon transport solutions, and energy efficiency projects. Examples include solar power installations, electric vehicle charging infrastructure, and building insulation upgrades.

3) Business Growth Grants

Business growth grants provide financial support to SMEs, enabling them to invest in resources for expansion, innovation, and diversification. This can cover a range of activities, including: marketing: expansion, growing operations or expanding into new markets. Here are some of the latest regional schemes.

i) Business Development Grant by Derbyshire Dales District Council: Up to £25,000 for Derbyshire Dales SMEs for expansion, innovation, or diversification. Funding can be used for equipment purchases, marketing initiatives, skills development, and recruitment activities.

ii) Grants4Growth by South Holland District Council: Up to £24,999 for South Holland SMEs for marketing, training, equipment, or technology upgrades. Eligible activities include website development, training programs, equipment acquisitions, and software implementation.

4) Innovation Grants

UK innovation grants bridge the gap for funding to help invest in cutting edge technology, including for the healthcare sector and culture and creative industries.

i) East Midlands Health Innovation Fund by Health Innovation East Midlands: Up to £10,000 is available for healthcare innovations improving health and care in the East Midlands. Examples include telehealth advancements, AI-powered diagnostics and revolutionary treatment methods.

ii) Culture and Creative Industries Innovation Fund by Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Local Enterprise Partnership: Up to £250,000 is available for innovative projects invigorating the cultural and creative industries in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. Eligible projects include immersive art experiences, tech-driven storytelling, and other creative initiatives using digital technology.

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