Latest UK Business Grants and Funding Update

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This update highlights recently launched grant and funding opportunities for UK businesses. These programs address various needs, from fostering innovation to acquiring equipment, improving workspaces and improving energy efficiency. Whether you’re a new business owner or an established company seeking to expand, explore these possibilities to fuel your business growth.

1) Business Innovation

There are 921 business innovation schemes available
Business innovation funding covers research and development project activities across various science, industry and creative sectors. Here’s some examples of what’s new this week.

i) APC: ARMD3 – Advanced Route to Market Demonstrator 3 by Innovate UK: This programme offers significant funding for UK businesses in the net zero automotive sector to demonstrate the market viability of their innovations. It’s ideal for businesses with a strong technological foundation ready to bridge the gap between prototype and commercialisation. Maximum funding is £1.5m.

2) Purchasing Capital Equipment

There are 746 purchasing equipment schemes available
Purchasing equipment funding covers the capital costs of acquiring machinery, tools or other items to run a business, such as purchasing long term assets, ICT equipment and upgrading older obsolete machinery with newer equipment. Here’s some examples of what’s new this week.

i) Malvern Hills Rural Fund – Round 4 by Malvern Hills District Council: This targeted initiative supports rural businesses in the Malvern Hills district by offering grants to acquire new equipment and machinery. Modernise your operations and boost efficiency with this grant. Maximum funding is £25,000.

ii) Growing Innovation Capital Grant Scheme by South East Midlands Local Enterprise Partnership: This scheme provides financial assistance to small and medium-sized businesses across various sectors for capital expenditure on new equipment and technology. Invest in tools and resources to drive your business growth. Maximum funding is £300,000.

iii) Business Start-up Fund by Bridgend County Borough Council: This program offers grants specifically for new businesses in the Bridgend area. Utilise the funding to purchase essential equipment needed to launch your venture. Maximum funding is £4,000.

3) Buildings and Renovation 

There are 777 buildings and renovation schemes available
Buildings and renovation funding covers commercial and domestic building expansion projects, building refurbishment, new builds and shop front improvements. Here’s some examples of what’s new this week.

i) Rural England Prosperity Fund – Small Scale Investment in Micro and Small Enterprises in Rural Areas by Dover District Council: This initiative provides grants to rural micro and small businesses in the Dover district for improvements to their existing premises. Renovate your workspace or make crucial upgrades with this program’s support. 

ii) Empty Units Grant by South Gloucestershire Council: This grant scheme offers financial support to businesses looking to occupy vacant commercial properties within the South Gloucestershire area. It aims to revitalise vacant spaces and stimulate economic activity. Maximum funding is £25,000.

4) Energy Efficiency Equipment 

There are 439 energy efficient equipment schemes available
Energy efficiency funding covers the cost of equipment and measures to help businesses reduce their overall energy usage and carbon footprint, including electric vehicles, efficient lighting, insulation, renewable energy, boiler equipment and water saving measures. Here’s some examples of what’s new this week.

i) Tourism Development Grant by Blaenau Gwent County Borough Council: This programme offers grants to tourism businesses in the Blaenau Gwent area to invest in energy-efficient equipment and practices. Reduce your environmental impact and potentially save on energy costs by adopting sustainable solutions. Maximum funding is £50,000.

ii) Net Zero Newport Decarbonisation Programme by Newport City Council: This programme helps businesses in the Newport area transition towards net-zero carbon emissions. Grants are available to invest in energy-efficient equipment and technologies. Maximum funding is £30,000.

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