The AI Journey: Starting with the Basics

“If AI was an animal what would it be: A Chameleon”

I’ve always been a follower of DeepMind and the chess playing Demis Hassabis, but about 8 months ago I started to take a more serious interest in the way that AI could be used in business and life.

Like most new journey’s to unknown destinations this wasn’t a straightforward one – however it’s beginning to show signs of clarity! So I thought it would be useful to share this experience and create practical pathways that others could follow, adapt and make their own.

Basics 1 The Glossary
You probably didn’t predict that the entertainment world was going to be radically changed by Quidditch and Hobbits and Westeros – but it has! We’ve all absorbed the new terms and it’s the only way we’ve got of communicating and understanding the depth of the change.

It’s the same with AI. Learn the terms – understand the meaning – then you’ll be able to piece together the real AI implications for business.

Where to start? Well the FT is always my go to place for business – and for AI I wasn’t disappointed. Apart from daily AI Articles they’ve also got a basic glossary you can start with. This will get you into Hallucinations, LLM’s and GAI in no time. So I’d recommend that and also if you want to dig a bit deeper, check out the general significance of Glossaries on LInkedIn!

Basics 2 The Founders
Serious business intentions should have serious business founders behind them – and even more emphatically – they should be “Standing on the Shoulders of Giants.”

AI easily passes these “Turing Tests” with a strong mix of older and newer players driving AI forward. For example Bill Gates is listed as one of the founders heading up the older brigade and Sam Altman is a pivotal new name on the block with strong backing from Microsoft.

And It’s no surprise that the genius of Alan Turing underpins their endeavours. Turing is the real father of AI with his 1935 paper “Computer Machinery and Intelligence“.

Basic 3 The Innovation Cycle
“God does not play dice with the universe” Einstein famously said about Quantum Mechanics and probability nearly 100 years ago. And while that argument is still ongoing today… along comes AI to completely focus it.

AI is definitely in Quantum Bursting mode, with new products, services, technical changes, regulations, provider companies, model variations, chat results and a lot more changing daily.

But out of this seeming chaos, patterns are emerging and the practical end of the innovation cycle is starting to gain traction. Practical uses and key problem solving issues – not just for business but for human life as well – are starting to be resolved.

This is a great time for anyone to join in: not too early in the chaotic cycle and definitely not too late.

Find Out More
You can easily explore any of the 3 Topics introduced above by using an AI Chat Bot. We use

For example, if you want to find more AI Glossaries you just prompt Phind to get the answer: “What are all the Top Business Glossaries available for a better understanding of AI”.

We will be dealing with Prompts soon and their importance in pinpointing the solutions you want for your business.