UK Business Funding Update: Grants for Growth, Renovation, Innovation and Training

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This week’s UK funding update outlines new grant announcements supporting businesses with a range of opportunities. These schemes address various needs, including business growth, building improvements, innovation advancement, and staff development. Here are some examples of new schemes listed in the middle of March 2024.

1. Business Growth

There are 339 business growth schemes available
Business growth funding covers the cost of business development activities such as launching new products or services, marketing costs and growth planning. Here’s some examples of what’s new this week. 

i) Midlands Engine Investment Fund II (Debt Finance East & South East Midlands) by Maven Capital Partners: Established businesses in the East and South East Midlands regions can access debt financing solutions for growth, acquisitions, or capital projects. Funding of up to £2 million can be applied for.

ii) Maybe* Digital Marketing Support Programme by Buckinghamshire Council: This scheme offers guidance and support to develop and implement a digital marketing strategy for small businesses. Funding worth up to £500 is available.

2. Buildings and Renovation

There are 776 buildings and renovation schemes available
Buildings and renovation funding covers commercial and domestic building expansion projects, building refurbishment, new builds and shop front improvements. Here’s some examples of what’s new this week.

i) Business Recovery Grant – Storm Henk by Reigate and Banstead Borough Council: Businesses impacted by Storm Henk in this area can receive financial assistance for repairs and renovations. Maximum funding is £2,500. 

ii) Rural Shopfront Scheme by Lisburn and Castlereagh City Council: Grants are available for shopfront improvements and renovations in rural areas within the Lisburn and Castlereagh region. Maximum funding is £12,500.

3. Business Innovation

There are 924 business innovation schemes available
Business innovation funding covers research and development project activities across various science, industry and creative sectors. Here’s some examples of what’s new this week.

i) Innovation Vouchers by Invest Northern Ireland: SMEs in Northern Ireland can collaborate with approved innovation providers to carry out research and development projects, using financial support in the form of vouchers from this programme. Up to £5,000 worth of funding in vouchers is available.

ii) Technology Access Programme by Digital Security by Design: Grants are available to businesses of all sizes in the UK to help them adopt new cybersecurity technologies to protect their online assets and activities. Up to £15,000 worth of funding is available for each awarded grant.

4. Recruit and Develop Staff

There are 753 recruit and develop staff schemes available
Recruit and develop staff funding covers safeguarding existing jobs, creating new jobs and setting up training and skill development activities. Here’s some examples of what’s new this week.

i) Training Grants by Impellus: This scheme offers training grants to UK businesses to support employee development with specific focus on accredited management and leadership, or sales and client service development programmes. Maximum funding is £20,000.

ii) Digital Xtra Fund – Round IX by Digital Xtra Fund: Businesses in Scotland can access grants for skills training to help build up young people’s capabilities for digital technologies and therefore expand the talent pipeline feeding into the digital economy. Funding up to £5,000 is available.

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