Development Update – 2nd November 2023

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Grants Feed

This week, we’ve made significant strides in enhancing our platform. One of our key achievements is the creation of a grants feed that provides real-time updates on the latest grants and funding schemes available. This feature will be particularly useful for startups and businesses looking for innovation grants to promote their ventures. By keeping track of these updates, users can stay informed about the eligibility criteria, application deadlines, and potential funding amounts for various grants and schemes.
The Grants Feed will be going live in the coming weeks.

Grants Matcher Plug-in Screenshot

In addition to the enhancements we’ve made to our grants feed, we’ve also introduced a new mode to our “Grants on your Website” plugin. This mode, known as Lead Generation Mode, allows businesses to collect leads before users can access the results. This feature is particularly beneficial for businesses looking to grow their email list or database of potential customers. By capturing leads before grant search results are displayed, businesses can offer additional resources, such as newsletters or discounts, to incentivize users to provide their contact information.
You can add grants to your own website here.

Grants API GraphQL

Lastly, we’ve been working on improving our API. This week, we added two new fields that can be queried. These fields are currently being used internally within our platform, but we believe they could also be beneficial to our API users. By providing more data points that can be queried, we aim to enhance the functionality and flexibility of our API. This will allow our API users to extract more meaningful insights from our platform, further expanding the potential applications of our API.
Get access to our unique Grants API here.