Level Up Your Business: Latest UK Grants

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This week’s blog showcases several UK business grant opportunities covering business innovation activities, funding for buildings and renovation, money for purchasing equipment and access to general working capital to keep businesses going as a concern. There are many different scheme types to cater for every business need.

1. Business Innovation

There are 869 business innovation schemes available
Business innovation funding covers research and development project activities across various science, industry and creative sectors. Here’s some examples of what’s new this week.

i) Innovation Loans Future Economy Competition – Round 14 by Innovate UK: This scheme provides funding support for UK-based businesses developing innovative products, processes, or services with the potential to drive economic growth. Maximum funding is £2 million.

ii) Tranzfuser 2024 by UK Games Talent and Finance CIC: This grant targets UK games businesses looking to fund research and development projects that push the boundaries of the industry. The maximum award is £25,000.

2. Buildings and Renovation

There are 786 buildings and renovation schemes available
Buildings and renovation funding covers commercial and domestic building expansion projects, building refurbishment, new builds and shop front improvements. Here’s some examples of what’s new this week.

i) Town Centre Premises Grant by Renfrewshire Council: A scheme that provides access to funding for businesses looking to improve their storefront or relocate to a prime location in a Renfrewshire town centre. This grant offers financial support to businesses for property renovations and relocations within designated areas. Maximum funding is £25,000.

3. Purchasing Equipment

There are 720 purchasing equipment schemes available
Purchasing equipment funding covers the capital costs of acquiring machinery, tools or other items to run a business, such as purchasing long term assets, ICT equipment and upgrading older obsolete machinery with newer equipment. Here’s some examples of what’s new this week.

i) Farming Equipment and Technology Fund 2024 by UK Government: This nationwide grant supports UK farmers in purchasing new agricultural equipment and technology that improves efficiency, sustainability, and animal welfare. Maximum funding is £50,000.

ii) Pendle Innovation and Productivity Grants by Pendle Borough Council: This grant helps Pendle businesses invest in new machinery and equipment to enhance productivity and innovation activities. Funding up to £18,000 is available.

iii) Tees Valley Digital Transformation by Tees Valley Combined Authority: Businesses in the Tees Valley region can take advantage of this grant to purchase digital equipment and software to streamline operations and embrace digital transformation. Funding up to £3,000 is available.

4. Working Capital

There are 310 working capital schemes available
Working capital funding covers day to day funding needs of a business to keep it running as a going concern, including purchasing sufficient inventory, bridging delayed payments and covering unexpected expenses. Here’s some examples of what’s new this week.

i) Destination South Ayrshire Grant by South Ayrshire Council: This grant programme provides financial support to tourism and hospitality businesses in South Ayrshire for projects that enhance their visitor experience and boost working capital. Funding up to £1,000 is available.

ii) Thriving High Streets Fund – Round 2 by Southwark Council: This grant from Southwark Council helps businesses in designated areas of the high street area with funding for marketing, promotions and working capital. Funding up to £25,000 is available.

Want the Full Set of New Grants?

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