Why we launched get Business Grants

Any ambitious small business will require funding but a key question is what kind of funding suits my needs best.  As well as the usual traditional methods such as loans or overdrafts through to newer methods such as peer to peer lending.  Each have their own pros and cons but they all have a cost attached.  However, there is another route that doesn’t carry a price tag and is ideally suited to SMEs.  There are lots of business grants available for UK businesses from hundreds of different grant providers.  The main challenge was that there was no easy and efficient way of finding and comparing them to find the best match for your business.  And unlike big businesses, the majority of small businesses don’t have the time and resources to effectively research, source, manage and keep up to date with the ever-changing grants released each week.

That’s why we created Get Business Grants – the most comprehensive database of UK grants that’s sourced, managed and kept up to date for businesses like yours – saving you time and making it easy for you to find grants that match your business funding needs.  As well as making it easier to find the right grant for your business, its resources help you manage the process effectively.  Whether you are a business owner or advisor, this resource will be an invaluable tool in a successful search for funding.  Also, we have created the ability to have e-mail alerts sent to you as new grants that suit your profile become available.  Once your preferences are set. they will automatically trigger these alerts and you can change them at any time as well.  We hope you enjoy using the site and that you are successful in your quest for funding.   Finally, we’d love any feedback – whether it is on the site itself or the application process and of course any success stories we can share!